I am interested in constructing narratives of people living in modern cities. 
In order to visually communicate disruption and change my process of working involves using and inventing experimental techniques. I enjoy experimenting with techniques that then become metaphors for the narrative. Approaching subjects with humour and plurality are important threads that runs across my practice. 
In 2014 I received the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship which enabled me to pursue a masters in Visual Communication Design at the Royal College of Art, London, from where I recently graduated. 

My work comprises of two broad categories: As a graphic designer and illustrator, I am interested in exploring the form of the book. How can it become experiential and not only informational. Within films, I work within the genre of animated documentaries. This allows for a more personal approach to understanding subjects, historic events and mental states of people.

E pallavi.agarwala@network.rca.ac.uk
P +919810438529