My Name is Red, Orhan Pamuk (Hindi Translation)

The story is set in a 16th century turkish atelier. A painting from a similar historical period and style was used for the hindi translated version of the book. The type was specifically created for this book cover to resemble the persian script.

Published by Penguin Books India 2012



The Captured Gazelle, Tahir Ghani

The Surface of the earth
Provides no one comfort.
Peace is the real treasure
Found beneath the earth.

This book is by the forgotten 16th century Kashmiri poet Tahir Ghani. I wanted the visual to evoke the sparseness of the sonnets and be an ode to the Kashmir's beautiful winter landscape.

The paper cut out was done by the amazing tattoo artist Esa Isai.

Published by Penguin Books India 2013.



Non Stop India, Mark Tully

This book covers the economic change happening across the countryside that is visible on every street and corner. I wanted to use the motif of the truck painting that crosses the length and breath of India. I collaborated with the immensely generous and kind soul, Narendra Kumar Sharma on this cover.

Mr. Kumar is a former painter of trucks and currently paints signs. He is always looking for commissions so please feel to contact him at

Published by Penguin Books India 2013



Series design for Ramesh Gunesekera's new book and back catalogue.

Published by Granta Books 2013



100 Years of Jump-cuts and Fade-outs, Shoma Chatterji

Published by Rupa Books India 2014



Series design for Sudha Murthy's new book and back catalogue.
Photographed by Rahul Lal

Published by Penguin Books India 2013



Cover design for two really amazing Young Adult novels 

Published by Penguin Books India 2013